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We generate impact in the present with effect in the future

United Way works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, uniting the efforts of key sectors of society with real power to change our community: companies, institutions, social entities and citizens.

We work in three areas

HEALTH, EDUCATION and EMPLOYABILITY (the basis of economic stability) are the three main indicators of human progress according to the UN and the three areas on which our activity is focused. In Spain there are problems which giving a solution in the present will be crucial to build a better future for everyone. These problems often stem from a precarious social cohesion that has very specific faces.

We combat local problems

Energy poverty, child obesity, the loneliness of the elderly, the inequalities caused by climate change, school dropout rates (of which Spain and Italy are at the forefront in Europe), the lack of references for young people, the digital divide, gender inequality, barriers to accessing the labor market… The issues we address are multiple and changing, each community has its specific difficulties. Joining forces is the most effective response to combat them.

We provide specific solutions

United Way Spain develops social impact projects and connects those who can carry them out in each community. We design and coordinate solutions adapted to specific needs: food distribution, support for the elderly, promotion of healthy habits, school support, work motivation, access to employment, technological training, financial and environmental education, fundraising for urgent crises, support for families in paying for supplies, promotion of social involvement and a long etcetera.

Building the future

Our coordinated energy strengthens communities from within so that they can be the architects of their own improvement. We believe in a form of social innovation with an impact on the present but, above all, with an effect on the future. We build local synergies that take root over time, generating lasting changes with collective impact.

We are part of a global network

United Way España is a member of an international network of 1,200 community foundations founded in 1887 in Colorado (United States). The organization has been building strong, united communities for more than a century. In Spain we have been developing our work since 2016 thanks to the efforts of companies that entrust us with their ESG strategies, to the work of institutions and social entities that implement our initiatives and, above all, to the generosity of committed people who contribute their outreach, their volunteering and their donations to promote everything we stand for.