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Transparency and Values

The value of what is well done


United Way Spain fights for the HEALTH, EDUCATION and INCOME stability of all people, without distinction.

We identify in our society serious forms of discrimination based on gender, race, age, sexual identity, physical condition, religion and other reasons.

We denounce that these inequalities are the result of policies and practices that work expressly to marginalize certain social groups.

We act to dismantle these structural forms of oppression, promoting respect for diversity, laying firm foundations for equity, and favoring the inclusion of all members of society, especially those whose voices have traditionally been silenced.

We work in partnership with local, public, and private entities to co-create solutions that ensure all people have the resources, support, opportunities, and networks they need to thrive.

We defend respect for the dignity, uniqueness and intrinsic value of each person in all our spheres of action: society as a whole, specific social groups, donors, our work teams and their families, our board of trustees and the volunteers that support us, helps improve the lives of thousands of people. All our assets (calls, strategic investments, awareness and advocacy) are aligned with this purpose.

We envision a world in which diversity is a source of pride, equity the starting point, and inclusion an ideal shared by all of society.