Resolutions for a new year

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
Abraham Lincoln

When a new year begins, we like to think about the great things we are going to do in the twelve months that are presented, fresh and new, in front of us and the phrase of Abraham Lincoln seems to me to be the most appropriate to guide us – there is enough science to show that everything starts with our dreams.

But instead of making another list of things that will only add mental burden to our busy and sometimes unnecessarily complicated lives, I suggest you make a “NOT TO DO” list. It is the list of things that we have been carrying for years but that are no longer a reflection of the person we are. It is the list of commitments that we bring forward from year to year without thinking whether they make sense anymore. They are the things that we “have to” do but that just thinking about them depletes our energy.

The invitation is to think in a disciplined way if we take advantage of our time in a skillful way or if we only fill it with activities. The following three questions can help us: 1) what really awakens my curiosity or passion, 2) what comes naturally, and I enjoy doing, and 3) what allows me to pay my bills.

When we can do what is at the intersection of those three questions, we will feel more centered and anchored in life. For me, the year 2018 has consisted in practically removing everything; I have gone from going 200km / h to 2km / h, so what I want is to be surprised! What is clear is my commitment to United Way.

I owe the inspiration for this post to Jim Collins, North American businessman, author of several best-sellers and this blog.

Happy New Year 2019!