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Childhood and adolescent obesity rates between the ages of 5 and 19 have increased tenfold worldwide from 1975 to 2016. If this trend continues, by 2022, the number of obese children  worldwide will exceed those who are underweight. In addition, this figure is multiplied by three when we refer to minors in a situation of social disadvantage. 

Physical activity and sport are key factors in reducing the incidence of overweight and obesity in minors. Both habits determine the child’s physical and cognitive development during childhood and adulthood (Source: WHO). 

With the aim of tackling this issue, United&Healthy was launched, an educational project – within the field of health – that aims to educate vulnerable families in wholesome living habits to combat childhood overweight. 

The project is developed in collaboration with the Gasol Foundation, whose mission is to reduce youth obesity and improve the lives of children and their families, following the methodology of the SAFALÍN project. 

This approach was developed by the Gasol Foundation, an acronym for Health, Family and Childhood. The project consists of an intensive family intervention with the ability to produce a significant impact on the four fundamental pillars: sport and physical activity, healthy eating, rest and emotional well-being. 

The plan consists of a journey through each of the four pillars, which become a planet in the Galaxy. The pedagogical metaphor narrates how, at a time in the history of humanity, healthy habits decided to leave planet Earth for space, creating this Healthy Galaxy and it is the volunteers – inhabitants of these four planets – who work with the families on these four backbones, thanks to the support and training they receive from educators. 

The mission of the project is to visit each planet to learn, grow and implement each of these healthy habits in daily life. 

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