Proyectos de salud United Way España


Lenovo y Asociación Cienciaterapia


Hospital Niño Jesús de Madrid


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Science workshops for hospitalized children


The main objective of the project is to ease the hospital stay of hospitalized children, through science workshops. At the same time we awaken the scientific vocation among these children.

The project is carried out in the Niño Jesus Pediatric Hospital in Madrid. There are several secondary objectives working transversely. Through the science workshops, where different experiments with reactive elements of everyday use are performed, lead by a cienciaterapeuta and corporate volunteers, approaches to children science in a fun way, to cause an increase in scientific vocations, so rare in our country.

These workshops are also aimed at the families of hospitalized children, offering them a moment to “distract” from the difficult situation in which they are.

Volunteers accompany the cienciaterapuetas during the development of the experiments and help children in performing them. Volunteers receive a specific training to perform well, not only for the experiments, bu also the approach to the patient.

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