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Lilly, Banco Santander, Costco, Adopta un abuelo y Nadie solo


Desarrollo y Asistencia, Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas, Asociación familiares de enfermos de Alzheimer de Alcobendas

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Accompanying seniors

accompaniment hours

In order to put an end to the situation of elderly people suffering of solitude and being helped by Desarrollo y Asistencia, and Adopta un Abuelo, we mobilise the energy of many volunteers belonging to different generations so as to accompany these elderly´s lonesomeness and give their family caregivers a bit of breathing space.

Through weekly visits to their homes, volunteers accompany these elderly or dependant people and share a conversation, enjoy a walk, carry out some activity together, go with them to a pharmacy… and this way, they give a break to their caregivers.

Both parts benefit from this accompaniment: on the one hand the volunteer feels to be active and part of the community as well as connected with his/her neighbours´needs, while on the other hand the accompanied people feel that they are listened to and looking forward to the weekly visit since the bond resulting from MENCÍA project is strong and incessant all over the year.