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Fundación Teléfonica y Design for Change



2030 SDGs


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Promote a real change in the environment of young people

volunteer hours

This project aims to promote a real change in the environment of young people, based on the needs which they themselves have identified on the basis of the methodology of Design for Change.

An awake and restless mind will be the basic tool of the project, without using great materials, apart from the support of a computer, a room and stationery to capture ideas and different evolutions and phases that young people will go through.

This methodology of work is based on the following phases: I feel, imagine, acts, assesses and shares.

Corporate volunteers accompany children during sessions, supporting the work of Design for Change educator’s . Before the project began, volunteers received  a specific training in this methodology, to experiment by their own what are the steps to follow and to accompany young people to achieve success.