Proyectos de educación United Way España


Lilly, Punto JES


IES Severo Ochoa


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Young Changemakers

volunteer hours

The main objective of this project is to reduce the dropout rate, with special emphasis on students with major learning difficulties and coming from family conflicting environments.

The project also has several secondary objectives, working in a transverse way thanks to the tracking of the chang maker methodology employing by Point JES. Young people become social entrepreneurs, that have to give solution to problems related to health and well-being, how can they improve these areas in their community?

Different skills and abilities will work directly in this project, such as: teamwork and communication. A self-discovery of unknown skills or not valued in the traditional educational system, such as shared leadership, creativity, innovation and  critical thinking will have an important presences along the process.

We propose to Secondary and basic professional training students, to evaluate how they can improve their environment in health and well-being, implementing solutions or projects lead by them, which can also involve other resources or Community institutions.

At the end of the project, the students participate together with the Lilly volunteers in the Project Fair; at which point they presented their projects and learnings at Lilly headquarters to all company employees.