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Empowering young people for an active use of technology

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The main objective of this project is to reduce the dropout rate, with special emphasis on students with major learning difficulties, as well as coming of partner environments conflicting family.

The project also has several secondary objectives, working transversely, such as equality, the elimination of the gender gap in technological environments, discovery of vocations in STEM areas, soft skills, social and communication skills, sense of belonging to the group, self-discovery of unknown or not valued skills in the traditional educational system, using the error as part of the learning process and not a failure, making them responsables for a proactive technology use and not mere consumers.

This Project takes place in Madrid and Bilbao. In Madrid, we work together with the technology department of the school and students from 2º and 3º ESO, fulfilling the curricular contents and adding, not only the work of transversal skills, but also improving the technical competences.

We propose to high school students the challenge of, focusing on the ODS objectives established by the UN, detecting how they can improve their environment by giving technological solutions to those problems.

In Bilbao, we carried out this project together with boys and girls from primary school (from 6 to 12 years old), following three different working modules (programming, robotics and 3D design). Thanks to these modules, many of these children get close to these competences for the very first time. The so called Learning by doing methodology is the key point of this project, in which students are the centre of the learning process, having materials and pedagogical support to build themselves knowledge and get close to STEAM skills in a playful way. It is at this early age that it is most important to introduce these types of training to them in order to encourage scientific – technological vocations.

Both in Madrid and Bilbao, the corporate volunteers accompany the students during the sessions, contributing their vital and professional experience to help them in the prototyping and design of their ideas, all of this through mentoring sessions.

This project was recognized by the Department of Education of the Basque Government in collaboration with the Basque Innovation Agency, Innobasque, with the STEAM Euskadi Seal, for being an initiative oriented to the objectives of the Euskadi STEAM Strategy for having a marked STEAM character.

Technology and robotics to fight against school failure

“Technology is only the excuse to reinforce their soft skills of teamwork, active listening and empathy”