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Fundación María Francisca de Roviralta, Creática y donantes particulares


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Inventors Club

training hours

The main objective of this project is to awaken the creativity and innovation of young people, empowering them to solve problems of their environment, with technology-based.

The project is carried out on La Nave, space for innovation, where the NGO partner headquarter is based. The main focus of the project is for young Roma to become involved in the development of creative and innovative ideas, solving problems in their environment

The methodology works using the technology, so that minors are no longer passive users of it and become makers. Transversely is working for the elimination of the gender gap, eliminating the stereotype that the technology is a thing of men and advocating equality in any field. During the working process: needs detection, possible solutions ideation, prototyping, etc. soft skills are worked such as: teamwork, creativity, conflict resolution, assertiveness, self-confidence, self-knowledge…

The ideas born of this project can be put into practice!

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