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We build change

Our projects are mainly focused on children, youth and the elderly, but we attend to any social group that requires our help. We put special effort in improving the lives of girls and women, still the most vulnerable in many communities.

Two types of programs

Specific actions

A one day action so employees can feel the synergy. Projects of direct response to concrete situations with immediate effect.

Global programs

The starting point to bring about systemic change. Ad hoc projects designed with the perspective to make a lasting impact.

Our areas of work

Proyectos de salud United Way España


We improve the quality of life of vulnerable people. Because health is the basis of any opportunity
Proyectos de educación United Way España


We promote the potential of children and young people at risk of exclusion. Because education is the raw material of the future.
Proyectos de seguridad financiera United Way España


We help disadvantaged social groups gain access to employment. Because economic stability generates healthy, cohesive and prosperous communities


We improve the quality of life of vulnerable people.

No projects


We help children and young people reach all their potential

No projects


We promote the stability and financial independence of people and families

No projects