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Collective Impact - ASG

we know the power of synergy

Collective impact brings together people from multiple sectors to achieve social change. Working hand-in-hand on a common agenda, establishing shared measurement, fostering mutually reinforcing supports and open communication takes us from everyday goals to extraordinary results.

We help you to generate value

Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy (formerly known as CSR). A way of adding value to their activity that translates into more loyal customers, more committed workforces, a better working environment, greater access to public aid and greater prestige in your community, to name just a few advantages.

ESG Strategies for companies

We identify a purpose

We analyze your activity, associate it with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and find the precise point where your company can generate a positive impact on a vulnerable community. And vice versa.  Our impact areas are HEALTH, EDUCATION and EMPLOYABILITY.

We establish your level of involvement

We work with two type of project modalities: global programs and specific actions. We determine the magnitude of the ESG strategy so that it is effective and sustainable over time. How many people can volunteer? For how long?

We design the synergy

We design the project hand in hand with your team, involving the most appropriate departments (Human Resources, Marketing, etc.). We set achievement indicators that will give us information on the efficiency of the project and its real impact, both on the people served and on the company itself.

We set change in motion

We involve institutions and social entities that complete the synergy and ensure an effective impact on the community. We coordinate the implementation of the project from start to finish.

We communicate the result

Spreading the power of solidarity is a fundamental part of change. We help you to collect and publicize the results of your project as a responsible company.

We recognize the commitment

Each person who gets involved in one of our projects, either by volunteering or contributing their professional experience, receives recognition as an effective part of our synergy. Our digital badge "Comunidad United Way España", which can be installed as a credential on the LinkedIn profile, distinguishes people who:

  • recognize the needs of the population in vulnerable situations;
  • celebrate working for a socially committed company;
  • provide efficient help with their time and knowledge;
  • share the pride of contributing to social transformation.

If you have already collaborated with United Way España and you still don't have your "Comunidad United Way España" badge, please write to info@unitedway.org.es