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Corporate volunteering

We contribute to the well-being of our employees

Our projects would not be possible without our volunteers. Their contribution is of enormous value to the communities we work with. What not everyone knows is that volunteering is also very beneficial for the volunteer.

United Way mobilizes more than 3 million volunteers each year in 40 countries

Benefit for everyone

73% of companies would hire someone with volunteer experience sooner. 64% of those who participate in corporate volunteering say it has allowed them to strengthen their working relationships, 81% develop new skills and 96% get to know their colleagues better. At United Way, we see the power of volunteering every day; all of our board members volunteer and we have the pro-bono support of professionals from all walks of life.
people a year participate in our volunteer programs.
volunteer hours
personas mejoran su vida gracias a la labor de los voluntarios

a great opportunity

At United Way, we believe in value-added volunteering, which allows volunteers to give the best of themselves. That’s why we offer training and support to all volunteers who join our projects.
Your time and talent can be of enormous help to improve the lives of thousands of people. Encourage your company to join a corporate volunteer program.