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Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering. Happy employees.

We have volunteers from each company with which we work for the implementation of all our projects and activities. Its work complements and enriches the work of our partners, makes present the commitment of others to those who need it most, creating links of collaboration between people allowing them to approach a reality that is very different from their own.

Part of who we are, in everything we do

At United Way we know that people are the best instrument to advance the common good. We work to improve the lives of those who need it most in the community, and we do it with the members of that same community.

The participation of volunteers is an essential part of our way of being and acting. We work with companies offering corporate volunteering programs that adjust to the availability of each employee, encouraging the participation of all and thus enriching the project with heterogeneous profiles giving room to all members of the community.

Thanks to the global experience of United Way, we can produce ideas for all kinds of volunteering: ongoing volunteer programs and / or occasional volunteering days; in health, education and income; with children, youngsters and elders.

United Way mobilizes more than 3 million volunteers each year in 40 countries

Benefit for all

The benefit is mutual. 73% of companies would employ a candidate with volunteer experience than one without it. 64% of those who participate in corporate volunteering say that it has allowed them to strengthen labor relations, 81% develop new skills and 96% know their colleagues better.

All members of our board are as volunteers. We have the pro-bono support of  Ashurst.

Volunteering of added value. Volunteers trained

The willingness to help is an essential first step to start a process of collaboration and participation that will never end. We believe in volunteering with added value, which allows volunteers to contribute the best of themselves. That is why we offer training and accompaniment to all our volunteers.

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Your opportunity

Put your talent and time to work and positively impact the lives of thousands of people. Encourage your company to be part of a corporate volunteer program.

Behind our work, there are people who give, volunteer and act to make their community a better place.