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Let’s keep imagining a better world

  “Imagine all the people living life in peace”. JOHN LENNON.   United Way has been guided by fundamental principles that we should all expect from ourselves and grant to others. These words carry even more weight today. Or so we hope. Meanwhile, tragic events continue to demonstrate that without equity for all, the community

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This Crisis Must Lead to Change that Benefits Everyone

Our global society is more than six months into the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Some countries have contained the virus better than others. In the United States, case counts and deaths lead the world. Millions of people are out of work while government benefits threaten to lapse. Renters are on the verge of being evicted

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The greatest fiction is the dry land

  During a virtual talk these days, some friends discussed something, being South American, you try to explain to Europeans. Living in a civilized world transmits a false sense of security. Planning, guarantees and rights are certainly great achievements, but the great fiction is dry land. All countries must wish to provide for their citizens

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Resilence during COVID-19

The current pandemic situation due to the expansion of Covid-19 can be an important source of negative thoughts for all of us. How should we manage our internal barometer so as to meet our obligations? All the information we are given by the news and social networks provoke a very powerful emotion: fear. It is

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United for Humanity

Launching United for Humanity

Today, United Way is launching United for Humanity to tell the story of migration through human eyes. Currently, the conversation around migration is too narrow and misleading. That’s why I encourage you to visit united4humanity.org, listen to the stories of migrants from around the world and learn about their experiences. Migration is one of life’s constants. It’s

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Aprendiendo a aprender

Learning to learn

One day, I decided to start analysing people’s reaction when I tell them that I work as a teenage trainer. To be honest, I have seen many different reactions, but most of them fall into the type of comments such as “wow, what a complex age, it must be difficult to work with them”, or

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  On a normal day, round and tidy, I receive an email. They are asking me if I would like to write something, or anything… that seems interesting. A closer look tells me that it should have a theme: “PHILANTHROPY”. Hello?? And what is that? Let’s speak to Mr Google. I sit down in front

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Resolutions for a new year

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln When a new year begins, we like to think about the great things we are going to do in the twelve months that are presented, fresh and new, in front of us and the phrase of Abraham Lincoln seems to me to

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Together we create a better world

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