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Global Program




Fundación Gasol, CAJE, Fundación Balia, REDA

2030 SDGs


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We combat childhood obesity among vulnerable families by visiting the Galaxia Saludable (Healthy Galaxy) of Fundación Gasol (Foundation Gasol), with the support of corporate volunteer teams.


Participating companies involve their staff through volunteer actions. Fundación Gasol leads the sessions with the families, applying its work methodology. The beneficiary entities involve the families and children they serve to participate in the project.


Childhood and adolescent obesity rates between the ages of 5 and 19 have increased tenfold worldwide from 1975 to 2016. Moreover, this figure is multiplied by three when we refer to socially disadvantaged minors. Physical activity and sport are key factors in reducing the incidence of overweight and obesity in children. Both habits determine physical and cognitive development during childhood and adulthood (Source: WHO). With the aim of combating this problem, Unidos&Sanos was created, an educational project -within the field of health- whose objective is to train families in vulnerable situations in healthy lifestyle habits in order to combat childhood obesity. The project consists of an intensive family intervention with the capacity to produce a significant impact on 4 fundamental pillars: sports and physical activity, healthy eating, rest and emotional wellbeing.

"Personal enrichment in both directions"

Lilly Volunteer

"I was excited to be able to interact with these mothers. It was enriching. And the opportunity to lead a short meditation was very satisfying since I am a certified teacher of mindfulness workshops. I would be happy to collaborate in future projects related to emotions, health and mindfulness."

Lilly Volunteer

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