United for Ukraine​


Education, Employability, Health

Type of Program

Global Program


United Way Worldwide funds​


Fundación Convive Cepaim, Cruz Roja e YMCA​

2030 SDGs




We support Ukrainian refugees in a multidisciplinary and comprehensive way, putting at the service of humanitarian organizations specialized in migrants and refugees, specific resources such as psychosocial support, educational reinforcement, socio-labor integration and housing access.​


With this project, United Way Foundation creates an alliance with three of the main Ukrainian´s refugees-receiving humanitarian organizations; YMCA, Convive Cepaim Foundation and Red Cross Spain. United Way designed the project and coordinates the three parties involved to get the most of out the resources and ensure its success.​


Since the war in Ukraine broke out, thousands of people had to flee their country. Spain is one of the refugees-receiving countries in Europe and, therefore, it has seen the need to support the refugees and to strengthen the International Protection Net. With the actions and activities implemented, a medium and short term effect is sought out. The resources put in motion are the following:​

  • Psychological support​
  • Social integration and coexistence support in shelters​
  • Social work​
  • Educational support​
  • Language training​
  • Employment counselling​
  • Leisure time activities (helath habits, cultural, sport & fun activities)​
  • Summer camp ​
  • Housing specialist​
  • Nation-wide housing campaign​

"My situation in Ukraine was not easy, but when we arrived here they welcomed us, gave us food and my children went to school. It is very important for me to learn Spanish, and the help they give my children with homework, language courses, games, etc. I aso receive support in my job searching. I am very grateful for all the help they give to me and my family".​

Iryna, Ukrainian refugee

"Before arriving in Spain, I didn't know how to speak Spanish or about the Spanish labor market. They gave me Spanish lessons and also courses on how to look for a job here. Now I know a lot more, I know several job search channels and in fact I have just been offered a job as a cleaner. I am a realistic, I know that I will not be able to work as a lawyer  here, but I would be happy to have a clerical job in the future, and when the war is over, to return to my country"

Nataly´s testimony, Ukrainian refugee)

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