Sport that transforms


Education, Health

Type of Program

Global Program


Fútbol Más y CEIP Sagunto

2030 SDGs




We promote the physical and mental well-being, education and inclusion of children who live in vulnerable situations through games and sports, with special attention to the acquisition of healthy habits.


Thanks to an individual donation, we have been able to launch this project, in which we have the Fútbol Más team and its methodology of working with vulnerable groups, to improve coexistence in the educational center and offer new recreational-educational and sports opportunities.


The group of minors participating in this project, boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old, participate in weekly sessions, guided by educators, with the support of volunteers. The project has the following goals:

  • Promote the development of resilience, life skills and sports skills, through the Fútbol Más socio-sports methodology.
  • Promote healthy living habits, children’s rights and belonging to the community through socio-sporting activities, with a gender and intercultural perspective transversal to the project.
  • Improve social cohesion and the inclusion of children through family, community and volunteer activities

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