Mencia, Seniors in Company



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Global Program


Costco, Banco Santander


Adopta un abuelo

2030 SDGs


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We combat the unwanted loneliness of elderly or dependent people through weekly visits by volunteers.


The involvement of the participating companies allows the accompaniment of elderly or dependent people, through volunteer programs supervised by social entities.


Given the situation of thousands of older people who find themselves in a situation of unwanted loneliness in our country, and with the help of specialized entities, we mobilize the energy of volunteering from different generations to accompany these people in person or by phone. This accompaniment is beneficial for both parties: the volunteers feel more active and connected to the needs of their community, and the accompanied people feel listened to and cared for, which substantially improves their well-being. The links created with the Mencía, Mayores en Compañía project are strong and lasting because the visits are scheduled constantly throughout the year.

“Paqui is like my grandmother, we have been seeing each other every week for months and we keep in touch regularly. It has been a pleasure to be able to accompany each other”.

Project volunteer

“At first I was afraid to establish a telephone relationship with an older person, but it was a great idea! Despite the Covid we were able to start our friendship relationship and being able to see each other now in person is even better”.

Project volunteer

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