Joining Forces



Type of Program

Global Program


ISOC Foundation y TechSoup

Institutions and entities

Fundación DomusVi, Asociación Karibu, YMCA Getafe e YMCA Carabanchel, SECOT y Creática

2030 SDGs


Volunteer hours


Seniors who teach, migrants who accompany. We palliate the loneliness that many elderly people suffer and we favor the social integration of migrants and refugees, betting on technology and intercultural and intergenerational relations.



ISOC Foundation participates in this project, promoting the initiative and enabling the technological equipment of the elderly participants. United Way coordinates the involvement of all the entities that work with the elderly and migrants to facilitate their participation.


The main objective of the project is to break the loneliness and isolation of the elderly and promote the social integration of refugees and migrants through an intercultural, intergenerational and technological experience. To do this, we provide tablets to the elderly and put them in contact with a refugee or migrant volunteer with whom they have a weekly video call, in order to share life experiences, strengthen social ties and promote digital skills. Many of these volunteers come from cultures that maintain standards of admiration and respect for the older generation that are not so common in Spain. With Joining Forces we achieve a double benefit: on the one hand, older people combat loneliness, acquire technological skills and break stereotypes about immigration by learning about other cultures; and on the other hand, refugees or migrants have the opportunity to practice the local language, learn more about Spanish culture from people with experience and wisdom, and ultimately improve their chances of social integration in the host country.

This video gathers testimonies of the participants in the first edition of the project.

"It's a very interesting project, to be able to contact people from other cultures and have someone to talk to about things you don't normally talk about. It's been very enriching."


"It has been a very nice experience because I have been able to accompany this elderly person with whom I now have a friendship. We all need a helping hand to listen and support us - I loved it!"

Migrant Volunteer

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