Inventors Club



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Global Program


Fundación María Fca de Roviralta, Fundación Accenture


Asociación Creática

2030 SDGs


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We awaken young people’s creativity and capacity for innovation, empowering them to invent solutions to problems in their environment based on technology and the use of sustainable energy.


The best way to motivate students to continue their training is to make them protagonists of their own learning process. Networking with educational centers and this project make it possible.


The project has been carried out in the Villaverde District since 2016 and its main focus is that young people in vulnerable situations and with a high probability of dropping out of school get involved in the development of creative and innovative ideas, providing solutions to problems in their environment, promoting the use of renewable energies in the creation of these solutions.

We motivate students through the development of prototypes and technological projects that have a social impact. Becoming creators of solutions is a very powerful tool for their self-esteem. In addition, changing the chip in terms of “error” is fundamental because it is the center of the learning dynamic. Technology in these workshops becomes a tool for empowerment and innovation and we are currently focusing on the use of renewable energies that, in combination with technology, provide solutions to everyday problems or problems in their environment.

“Having the opportunity to create things that interest us and move us is great and motivates us much more”

Basic Vocational Training Student

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