Cañada Solar



Type of Program

Global Program


Enertis, Lilly


Light Humanity, Impact Hub

2030 SDGs




We fight against energy poverty by bringing electricity to La Cañada Real in an economical, safe and sustainable way for the most vulnerable people who have been deprived of this basic necessity since October 2020.


The social entity Light Humanity receives financial support from different companies, and dissemination to implement solar energy systems with the solidarity collaboration of Impact Hub in fundraising and promotion of communication.


Cañada Solar fights against the extreme energy poverty suffered by hundreds of families in La Cañada Real by betting on the clean energy of solar panels and encouraging the participation and training of people living in La Cañada in their installation and maintenance, so that this in turn is an opportunity for job orientation. We add citizen solidarity to the project through the fundraising campaign La Otra Lotería (The Other Lottery).

"I see it as a magic carpet that has changed our life a lot. We now have light in the house, you get rid of the noise of the engine and the smell of gasoline, it gives you peace of mind."

Female resident of La Cañada

"Children can study like God intended, you can put in the washing machine, the refrigerator, you can buy meat and freeze it... a lot of things change."

Female resident of La Cañada

"We proposed a solution with a photovoltaic installation with storage to be able to guarantee an alternative to power outages. It is a satisfaction to see that it works and that they are happy because they have energy 24 hours a day. We are looking for allies to support this community that really needs it".

Project Manager at Light Humanity

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