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What do we do?

At United Way we believe that every company has the capacity to generate a positive impact in its closest environment. To do this, we have identified needs at a local level on 3 specific areas: education, income and health. We join your company with NGOs and Institutions that work on these 3 areas. We develop customized projects responding to these detected needs. And we measure the real impact created in the environment and its beneficiaries. United Way: your CSR partner.

create positive impact in three areas

Proyectos de educación United Way España


We help children and young people reach their full potential.
Proyectos de seguridad financiera United Way España


We promote the stability and financial independence of individuals and families.

Proyectos de salud United Way España


We work to improve people’s lives.

United Way is the world’s largest privately funded non-profit organization

In 2016-2017 the whole of the organization raised 4,72 billion dollars

United Way Foundation

Learn about our projects

Proyectos de educación United Way España


Access to new technologies

United Way, with the support of Lenovo, the commitment of its workers, and in collaboration with YMCA and Save the Children, has launched the IT4All to give access to new technologies and training in cybersecurity to children and young people at risk of exclusion .

Proyectos de seguridad financiera United Way España

area: financial security

access to stable employment

United Way has collaborated with McKinsey’s Foundation in Spain, Generation, which trains long-term unemployed young people with knowledge and tools that the labor market demands. With very high rates of job stability, with this course we promote the financial stability of our young people.

Proyectos de salud United Way España

area: health

accompaniment of elders

Through weekly visits to their home, the volunteers accompany these elderly or dependents and have a conversation, enjoy a walk, accompany them to the pharmacy … and give a break to their caregivers.

Do you wish to be a more responsible and profitable company?

Get in touch with us and we will develop a project for you that creates a positive impact in your community. It is time to build a better world together.

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