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Proyectos de educación United Way España


We help children and young people reach their full potential.
Proyectos de salud United Way España


We work to improve people’s lives.

Proyectos de seguridad financiera United Way España


We promote the stability and financial independence of individuals and families.

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Área: Health

Elderly people who teach, migrants who provide company

We alleviate the loneliness that many elderly people suffer and facilitate the social integration of migrants and refugees, investing in technology and promoting intercultural and intergenerational relations

United Way Tech 4 Schools

Area: Education

Young Changemakers

The main objective of this project is to reduce the dropout rate, with special emphasis on students with major learning difficulties and coming from family conflicting environments.

Area: Health

Hospital Accompanying

Through weekly visits to their home, the volunteers accompany these elderly or dependents and have a conversation, enjoy a walk, accompany them to the pharmacy … and give some spare time to their caregivers.

Area: Education

Guide in the decisions of the future

We work with institutes in which the rate of school failure is high to carry out programs with the last high school courses in which the motivation and guidance to make decisions in the nearest future is crucial.

Proyecto de United Way de acceso a un empleo estable

Area: Employability

Generation United

United Way collaborates with Generation, promoting the Generation-McKinsey courses that trains long-term unemployed youth in the knowledge and tools that the labor market demands. With very high rates of job stability, with this course we promote the financial stability of our young people.

Jóvenes Changemakers

Area: Education

Empowering young people for an active use of technology

Through the use of technology as a tool for learning, from a responsible and proactive use of it, we use it so that young people with greater academic difficulties find areas of development of their capacities, while they work to solve problems of their environment.

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